Production chain

Our cheeses are the expression of a controlled supply chain: from milk to maturation, up to the consumer's table, this ensures the highest quality and consistency of the finished product. Come on pastures at the table, each of our forms is followed step by step by the expert hands of those who make their work a passion. In our cheeses yes meet two stories: that of the earth, grass and flowers and that of man with animals. Every day we collect fresh milk from small farms, chosen for the traditionality of work, love and dedication for their animals. This precious raw material is transported to the dairy, where the cheese, produced with traditional methods, takes shape. The journey continues in the cool aging cellars where it will complete the maturation. Complete control over the supply chain thus allows us to guarantee identity and quality of our products.

The Elvo Valley

The Rosso Dairy is based in Biella, in the area where the Oropa Valley meets that of the Cervo, in the center of the Biella Alps. Here, on a large green carpet, hundreds of small farms dedicated to livestock operate.

Beekeeping - Grass and Hay

We collect fresh milk from more than 30 farms every day, characterized by a traditional farming method. The Pezzata Rossa d’Oropa is the native breed of cattle that, thanks to a natural diet, gives us a raw material rich in substance and healthy.

Cheese making - The rite of the dairyman

The freshly collected milk is checked and processed in the boiler using the various traditional methods. The curd fills the molds where the cheese takes shape and where it is turned several times until the end of the rest phase in the stewing room.

Seasoning - Time of excellence

Fresh cheese is marked with a batch stamp which guarantees its traceability. Rested on white fir scales, it is introduced in cool and humid cellars, at temperatures between 8 and 12 degrees. The forms are massaged and turned one by one, weekly. The maturing period varies from 45 days, up to 180/300 days for the cheeses of our "special reserve". Our products have the company brand "TR" which guarantees their authenticity and respect for traditional production procedures. We also use the brands: "Toma Valle Elvo", created by the Mountain Community for those who process the milk produced in the homonymous valley, "Toma Piemontese D.O.P." for cheeses produced according to the regulations of the protection consortium, "Toma Biellese" and "Maccagno Biellese".


The product is cleaned one last time and protected with a micro-perforated film that allows it to breathe, without drying out and losing valuable organoleptic characteristics. Then the cheeses are boxed and placed on pallets for refrigerated transport.