Margot alla Birra aged in Draff

Caseificio Rosso

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GUARANTEED QUALITY Cheese made from local milk and raw materials Aged according to traditional methods in the cellars of Caseificio Rosso, in Biella, Piedmont. Cut, packaged and shipped directly from our farm store. Whole cheese in photo: 2Kg approx. An intriguing combination of milk from the "Pezzata Rossa d'Oropa" alpine breed and Enrico Terzo's Margot Canderium craft beer. The beer is mixed directly into the milk during processing and the cheese is aged up to 2 months according to traditional techniques. After 15 days of refinement in Trebbie di Birra (a treatment developed in collaboration with the University of Turin) and a further rest of 15 days, the sweet taste and pleasant and delicate flavor of the cheese mixes, in balance, with the bitterness of the hops and the sweetness of the malt. Margot is the only cheese with Beer in its Heart. Awarded internationally by ALMA Cibus Parma, World Cheese Awards London2017 / Bergamo2019 and Salon du Fromage Paris 2020. Ranked among the best cheeses in the world. DETAILS 100% Made in Italy Rind: thin, brown, with characteristic yellow moulds in the more mature cheeses. Non-edible rind. Paste: tender structure with thin, regularly distributed eyes. It is white in color with straw-colored nuances. The flavor is sweet, pleasant and delicate with hints of beer. Maturation: the cheeses are matured in underground rooms on white spruce racks for a period that can vary from 30 to 60 days, refined in threshes for a period of 15 days and then placed back on the staris for another 15 days, for the final part of the maturation. Use: it is used as a table cheese and in cooking for the preparation of typical dishes. Ingredients: Cow's milk, craft beer (contains GLUTEN) 5%, salt, rennet, milk enzymes. Awards: 2014, Cibus Parma; 2017, World Cheese Awards London; 2019, World Cheese Awards Bergamo; 2020, Salon du Fromage Paris Guaranteed minimum weight portions