The history of Caseificio Rosso

Sordevolo, a small town in the upper Elvo Valley, in the Biella Alps. It is 1894 and Rosa Pidello Rosso starts her activity of production, maturation and trade of typical cheeses.

Today ... after over a century, Enrico and Riccardo Rosso continue to keep this culture alive with the same passion, with the help of the whole family and a team of expert craftsmen. Every day, we get involved not only to pass on, but to improve the dairy art that makes our products excellent in Italy and around the world.



We are what we eat, as Ludwig Feuerbach argued in the mid-nineteenth century. Nutrition is the basis that makes it possible to establish and perfect human culture. This is why we believe that a good and beautiful cheese improves the life of those who taste it, which is why in our vision each product is a work of art.

DNA of the Territory: Transmission of traditional culture, the art of creating and the pursuit of taste are in our DNA. All this, respecting the environment, animals and people. This is the commitment that allows us to keep alive, more than ever, the ancient rite of the dairyman.



Our passion: Our work is founded on solid foundations. We see creativity as a growth engine. We are committed to the utmost and relentlessly, to ensure punctuality and transparency to all our customers and stakeholders. The close link with the Biella area and our international vision require us to adopt a glocal and sustainable approach. We are authentic by vocation and the quality of our products never compromises.

Excellence: The quality of our work is rewarded by numerous awards: the certificate of Historical Company, the "Piedmont Artisan Excellence" certification, our Piedmontese Toma "best cheese among the Piedmontese PDOs", a Super Gold and two Silver at the World Cheese Awards. A bronze at the Natwich Awards, the "Alma Caseus" awards at Cibus Parma, the awarding of the "3 cutting boards" to raw milk Maccagno on the Gambero Rosso guide and many others from those who have had the opportunity to appreciate the seriousness and passion that from 1984 lead our company.