Birba Blu with beer

Caseificio Rosso

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GUARANTEED QUALITY Selected cheese, aged according to traditional methods in the cellars of Caseificio Rosso, in Biella, Piedmont. Cut, packaged and shipped directly from our farm store. Whole wheel in photo: 2.4Kg approx. Our BirbaBlu is an evolution of GratinBlu: compact paste, produced with cow's milk, whole and pasteurized and, like many blue cheeses, placed to mature with the inoculation of noble molds Pennicilium Roqueforti. Birba Blu is further refined by being immersed in one of the best craft beers in the Biella area, Margot; a final nuance of taste to complete this work of art in balance between the notes of butter, blue cheese and beer in the aftertaste. A real poem for the palate. DETAILS Rind: grey-brown, characterized by malted wheat grains, it can present characteristic white molds. Rind: not edible, surface treated with beer and malted wheat. Paste: white in color and compact but meltable in the mouth. It presents characteristic and widespread blue streaks. The flavor is a delicate balance between butter and beer notes and the piquancy determined by the marbling. Maturation: the cheeses are matured in a cool, humid environment, on white fir boards, for a period of 60 days. Use: refined table cheese, it is also used in cooking for the preparation of typical dishes. Ingredients: Cow's milk, salt, rennet, milk enzymes, selected molds, beer (GLUTINE) Guaranteed minimum weight portions.