Madama Reale 5 Months

Caseificio Rosso

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GUARANTEED QUALITY Cheese produced with local milk Matured according to traditional methods in the cellars of Caseificio Rosso, in Biella, Piedmont. Cut, packaged and shipped directly from our farm store. Whole wheel in photo: 4.5Kg approx. 👑 Madama Reale is the queen of Piedmontese aged cheeses. It comes from the milk of two consecutive milkings of the "Pezzata Rossa d'Oropa" breed of cattle, raised according to traditional methods: it is Royal by Nature. Inspired by the typical cheese production of the Alpine valleys of Biella, the consistency of its paste makes Madama Reale ideal for long aging (5 months min.), at the end of which it develops its unmistakable intense and harmonious taste. Awarded 3 times at the World Cheese Awards (London 2017, Bergen 2018, Bergamo 2019). It ranks among the best cheeses in the world. DETAILS 100% Made in Italy Rind: It is thin, gray-brown. Rich in white, yellow and red molds. Paste: Tender, white in color with straw-colored nuances. The holes are fine and regularly distributed. The flavor is intense and harmonious. Maturation: The cheeses are matured in underground cellars, on white fir boards, for a minimum period of 5 months. Use: it is used as table cheese and in cooking for the preparation of typical dishes Ingredients: Cow's milk, salt, rennet, milk enzymes. Awards: 2017, World Cheese Awards London; 2018, World Cheese Awards Bergen; 2020, World Cheese Awards Bergamo Guaranteed Minimum weight portions.