Juni with juniper

Caseificio Rosso

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GUARANTEED QUALITY Cheese produced with local milk matured according to traditional methods in the cellars of Caseificio Rosso, in Biella, Piedmont. Packaged and shipped directly from our farm store. Whole wheel in photo: 320g approx. Juni is a soft, medium-matured cheese. Made from whole cow's milk, pasteurized, processed with the addition of Juniper berries directly into the milk. An aromatic and ancient flavor, evoking the nature of the alpine territory. Juni is part of the "i Piccolini" line, an ideal format for gifts and tastings. DETAILS 100% Made in Italy Rind: is gray-brown, wrinkled and often has characteristic white, gray and yellow mold. If washed it takes on a brown color. The rind is not edible. Paste: it has a straw-white color and is streaked with juniper. It has fine, regularly distributed holes. The flavor is aromatic, fine and refined. Maturation: the cheeses are matured in fresh and humid environments, on white fir boards, for an average period of 45 days. Use: refined table cheese, it is also used in cooking for the preparation of typical dishes. Ingredients: Cow's milk, juniper (1%), salt, rennet, milk enzymes. Guaranteed minimum weight portions.