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Caseificio Rosso

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Whole cheese Min. guaranteed weight per serving: 320g Type: soft, medium-aged cheese, made of pasteurized whole cow's milk and craft beer. Rind: it is thin and brown, in the more mature cheeses there are characteristic yellow molds. The rind is not edible. Paste: soft structure with thin, regularly distributed holes. It is white in color with straw-colored nuances. The flavor is sweet, pleasant and delicate with hints of beer. Maturation: the cheeses are aged in underground rooms on white fir boards for a period that can vary from 30 to 60 days. Use: it is used as a table cheese and in cooking for the preparation of typical dishes. Ingredients: Cow's milk, craft beer (contains GLUTEN) 5%, salt, rennet, milk enzymes. Awards: 2014, Cibus Parma; 2017, World Cheese Awards London; 2019, World CheeseAwards Bergamo; 2020, Salon du Fromage Paris